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This song deals with the doubts, loneliness, and just generally being mad at God about losing a person you love dearly. More specifically this is derived from our vocalist's grandfather dealing with the passing of his wife of 60+ years due to cancer and the emptiness that can come along with it. This echoes several Psalms and laments from the Bible.


I live in agony.

A soul once with life, living free in love.

What's been taken from me will never return.

Good comes to those who wait, well where'd that go?

I've been waiting for years with patience unmatched yet there you go.

Slipping farther from life with every passing second.
Counting breaths, I rely on machines to tell me life's the same, but a few moments pass and I'm forever changed.

Anger is all I know, loneliness my new name.

Never alone, the saying goes... breeds hatred for what seems like lies I'm told.
“Over and over you'll get over it, you'll grow old.”

Well my heart's old now, scarred from the pain of losing all I've ever known.

Why can't I have it back? Haunted by a creaking home, searching for you in rooms you'll never go.
Why can't I have it back? Haunted by a creaking home, searching for you in rooms you'll never get to go.

Weeks nor months do a thing for my soul.

A lifeless heartbeat waiting until it's my chance to go

I don't want empathy, I just want relief.

Six Decades of joy, I'd trade my life for you to have one more second of breath, but my family reveals true humanity.

Unplug everything!

Unplug everything, well my life's tied to that machine.I cant walk down this road, not again.

I've been so lonely, Lord. Lord where have you been?

You said You'd send Your mercy, send Your grace for my soul.

I only feel alone.

Where has Your countenance gone?

Why have You frowned on me?

Years of devotion and in the end You feel like an enemy.

Am I the one who's lost You, or did You really leave me?

The months go by, but the feeling's still the same…so empty.


from Separate Lives, released July 25, 2014



all rights reserved


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