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This song is about the giving over of one's own authority. Giving up what you think you rule or control, and realizing you never did. This rings back to the overarching theme of loss, by letting that person go and realizing that God has had, has, and will always have the Authority over every person's life.

The beginning phrase is a satire of a common mentality that we find to be present in our culture and generation especially, and frankly we think it's a joke or silly. If you sit down and think of what you have complete control over you'll be left empty.

The song gives a picture of how infinitesimal we are in comparison to God and then asks why He would even care about us. The ending words express the submission to God by proclaiming that no matter what occurs, our hearts belong to God. Even if the stars fall from the sky, we lose another loved one, or any other calamity that this world is full of. We hope this EP makes you dwell on such things.


I will be in control of everything.
This is my life. This is my way.
I won't be kept from anything that I desire.


What I thought I deserved crumbled until nothing remained.

In my weakest moment I understood my righteousness is rags.

Outside of Truth I have no worth.
As I sat in doubt of eternity the galaxy circled and left me with a glimpse of truth.

Who has authority to hang the stars?
You who made the dead to walk in strange and beautiful fury and animate the strongest ocean tide.

Yet, have not forgotten me, the least of Your creation.

Why me? Why have you loved me so?
I don't deserve Your love, but I’m just another broken reflection, a shadow of what I used to be.

Still wanting me after all this time, how can you accept me?
Darkness covered my heart for so long that I forgot what it was to know the truth.

Realizing this terrifying fact

I am the most selfish man I've ever known.

Setting aside my selfish ambitions I can see as your hand hung each star.

You who made the dead to walk in strange and beautiful fury and animated the strongest ocean tides,
and yet, you look upon me and call me worthy of your love.

I don’t deserve this…this grace!

Now fall the stars from the sky!
My heart beats your name!


from Separate Lives, released July 25, 2014



all rights reserved


East Old Topside Knoxville, Tennessee

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